I’ve Been Convicted Of A DWI What Do I Do? – New York State Law


n happen. A DWI is more common than we think, and several things will happen if the judge fails to rule in your favor. There is a possibility that you’ll have to complete a DWI instruction course, but you’ll get your license suspended. Then you could be required pay a fine and spend time in jail.

What happens if you drive while DUI? The license could be suspended for an arbitrary amount of time. If you are driving without a valid license and you are caught, you may be facing higher fines and time in jail. As a drunk driver, you must be careful about violating any further laws. A lot of people look up “If I get a DUI do I have the right to drive?” Don’t try the waters.

Respect the law that govern your state and obey the drink-drive signs posted on roads. Being convicted of a DUI may seem like nothing if you didn’t cause trouble and drive safely, however it can be hazardous. People are often negligent and cause many deaths. It is possible to end someone’s life when you drink and drive.

We’ll discuss how to proceed if you’ve been accused of DWI.


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