How German Nutcrackers are Made – Family Dinners

were purely functional tools meant to help open nuts. But, in the 15th century, carvers of wood created beautiful art in the shapes of animals and people. As they were worried about creating soldiers as well as Kings and kings, the German nutcracker-makers gained a reputation for their beautiful creations. It was this that led Tchaikovsky to compose his ballet.

There are many practical nutcrackers available but some German businesses still stick to the custom of creating the nutcrackers in beautiful designs as ornaments. Some of them can retail at hundreds of dollars. Most of the time, they’re collectors items and buyers won’t use them in their primary purpose. Yet, they’re effective because they’ve got a lever in the back that can open and close their mouths. They can break every kind of nut.

There are many factories that have a multi-blade circular cutter that removes all body pieces from Lindenwood. The video shows the process by which a piece of Lindenwood is transformed into the body of a nutcracker persona.

For further information on how you can make a German Nutcracker, go through the entire video.


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