The Almighty Power of Catholic Charity – Family Budgeting

education, and various social services. There are more than 300 Catholic Charity programs are available locally as well as internationally. They offer emergency relief children’s welfare, emergency relief, as well as help for families. The government of the United States has recognized Catholic Charity for their outstanding contribution to the local community. In 2000, it received the Secretary’s Award from the Department of Health and Human Services for its efforts to reduce infant mortality rates in families that have low incomes.

Furthermore, Catholic Charity has won numerous accolades for its unique programmes and services. It was presented with its Outstanding Service Award by National Association of Social Workers in 2008 to support homeless youngsters. The purpose of Catholic Charity is to serve other people through programs that encourage human dignity and respect for vulnerable and low-income people. Catholic Charity is supported by private foundations and foundations as well as government agencies, corporate and individual donors. The majority of their funds are provided by government grants.

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