How to Reverse the Positions of Your C5 Power Cords – First HomeCare Web

If you are looking for electrical cords that could use with your laptop These steps can help. If you want to install a left- or right-handed door, change the door’s hinges. In the event that the right-side hinges of the c5 power cords in the cabinet are usually installed prior to shipping, you could need to follow these tips to reverse the positions. To begin, you must remove the hinge pins from the hinge using the hammer using a drive pin. Closing the door.
When the pins have been removed, you need to hold the door in place and lift the latch lever. It is recommended to lock the door and make sure that the gasket has not been damaged. Take the screws from the cabinet’s left edge and lay them on the floor. Mount the cabinet’s mount in the lower left corner. Place the screws you removed from the cabinet’s left side into the holes remaining on the cabinet’s left side.
Transfer the mounting screws on the left hand side to the right. Fix all screws. Turn the door 180° and align the hinge with the cabinet’s and door’s parts Then tap. To complete the process make sure you take out the screws holding the latch in place. rj8rg1wju9.

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