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heavily dependent on internet-based platforms heavily dependent on online platforms, which has led to an increase in the rise of cybercrimes. According to cybersecurityventures.com, by 2025, worldwide cybercrime costs are expected to reach $10.5 trillion hence the need for cyber security audit services. In the video, the narrator describes that cybersecurity audits are the evaluation and checking of systems to protect data. What is the best way to protect yourself?

Cyber security audits should be conducted on all company equipment and infrastructure. It will allow you to identify any areas where there is a risk, and identify the level of compliance. Why? because cybercrimes continue to evolve.

Security audits for cyber-security go beyond than just looking for flaws in infrastructure and systems. It also involves interviewing employees. Why? They will be more accountable in their security and data protection.

There are two choices for conducting cyber security audits either internally or externally. Internal audits for cyber security are attractive because they’re inexpensive as the organization doesn’t have to cover the cost of these audits. Audits for external cyber security, on the other hand are performed by professionals hired to assess the system’s strengths. j5tracxk9x.

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