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using the Applied Behaviour Analyse (ABA) method and its techniques to build their self-care and social communicating, playing, and behavior management abilities. It can also assist in the taming of undesirable behaviours such as screaming, anger, and lack of attention. A therapist who has been specially trained to help children develop their independence, but not force their children to follow society’s norms.

The theory of learning, which originated in the discipline that is behavioral psychology, forms the basis of applied behavior analysis (ABA). In 1987 the researcher the researcher Dr. Ivar Lovaas of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), published the first research study that looked at the effectiveness of ABA on children with autism. In 1987, Dr. John McEachin at UCLA conducted long-term follow-up research that was released in 1993. These concepts are employed by ABA to assist kids with autism to learn new behaviours. The method is to give children a pleasant experience when they take on new behaviours. If a child points out the item they like they might be rewarded by their parents their child with the object. Go to the video for more.


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