What Is Lecithin? – Health Talk Online

In essence, it’s an ingredient that protects the flavour of food, help with digestion, and also provide nutritional benefits.

Lecithin, a naturally occurring compound, is found throughout our body.

Lecithin has a variety of commercial applications, most notably used in medicine and food.

Lecithin initially appeared in egg yolks in the middle of 19th century. Lecithin has been commercially extracted from the beginning and is now used as processed food supplements.

Lecithin is also naturally found in soybeans, peanuts, wheat germ and the liver. When extracted, it is consumed for a variety of positive health benefits.

It can prevent heart disease and liver damage as well as the build-up and the development of bad cholesterol. It also increases brain performance. Additionally, it can be applied topically to help reduce rashes and moisturize skin.

The most widely used food extract is called soylecithin. It changes the flavor and texture of foods , and is an antioxidant.

There are a variety of suppliers of lecithin. In general, stores that sell supplements as well as vitamin distributors and big grocery chains offer the ingredient in liquid or powdered forms that are suitable for medical and food use.


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