The Basics of Alkaline Battery Recycling – E-Library

Recycling companies are careful to ensure hazardous chemicals are safely removed from batteries. This video describes how alkaline batteries are recycled.

First, take the alkaline batteries to an aggregation station. The different types of batteries cannot be reused with the same process, for instance lead acid batteries. The hardworking workers of the sorting stations make sure that only alkaline the alkaline batteries get into the next step of the procedure.

The following step is to make the batteries pulverize. Batteries are put through a hammer mill before being smashed over a mesh screen. The mesh screen is used to remove zinc, manganese, and other minerals that are used in the making of alkaline batteries.

The eddy-current will remove all manganese and zinc. The battery’s particles are placed on a vibrating screen using magnets that draw useless particles to one side as well as the zinc and manganese on the other.

After the manganese and zinc have been extracted the two are then shipped to another plant to be mixed to create a new substance. batteries. For more information, check out the video above.


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