Starting a Commercial Generator – Business Training Video

If the person who owns the company doesn’t know how to get the generator activated, it will not work. The following video will show how a commercial generator service technician starts up commercial generators so that business owners aren’t caught flat-footed in the event of a power outage.

There are several operations checks you should conduct prior to you start your generator. To determine how much electricity your generator is able of providing then, you should first check the electronic menu. In order to ensure that the engine is running at maximum efficiency then you must check for oil. Like an automotive engine, the generator won’t be running properly when there is low levels of oil.

Make sure the coolant levels are checked for ensuring that it doesn’t get too hot, and cause even more damage to your business. You will have to either contact a tech who will fix the problem or contact the maker of the generator. Check your air filters. The generator’s performance could be affected by debris and dust.

Remove the shroud of the belt. Check it for fraying or cracks. Check to see if it’s properly taught. Then check the temperature and the voltage of the battery on your unit. For further information watch the video linked below.


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