Planning Your Kitchen Remodel for Resale Value – The Interstate Moving Companies

e best kitchen remodeling service permits you to install new appliances, reorganize your kitchen’s layout and improve your storage space. According to HomeAdvisor that the typical cost of a total kitchen remodel will range from $12,567 up to $34,962 based on the dimensions of the kitchen and the type of design you require. A kitchen addition costs an average of $48,000-$94,000. In the event that high-end countertops are fitted, more expensive appliances and cabinets are bought, the costs can increase.

The kitchen’s components can degrade as a result of wear, and replacements are required. The most expensive kitchen remodeling can cost between $50,000 to $150,000. It is a major project that involves cutting all the cabinets to the floor then replacing everything with modern, generally high-quality, materials as well as appliances. Cost of countertops and cabinets is $150 per square feet. Renovating your kitchen can allow you to include more efficient appliances to your kitchen, thus enhancing its functionality. Working in a refurbished kitchen is easier as all of the appliances as well as furniture is well-maintained.


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