Everything You Need to Know About Burnishing – Free Encyclopedia Online

What exactly is burning? A process where a hard but smooth tool is used to smooth the metal’s surface. This can help flatten areas of high stress while also allowing for the plastic circulation of the material.

What is the process of burnishing? The edges of metal are smoothed out through the use of a die that will smooth out the burrs and the edges that are blanked due to the die breaking.

The process of rolling burnishing can improve the look and dimension of the surface. Using the appropriate tools, all surfaces, both exterior and interior are able to be polished. How much pressure you apply depends on factors like thickness, size and the size of the roll.

For those who require an accurate size and flawless surface finish, then burnishing is the only way to go. Because it increases the surface’s hardness from 50 to 100%, the process can also be used for increased hardness.

What can a tool for burnishing be utilized for? Metals. From stainless steel, copper, aluminum, or brass, virtually every metal is able to be burned. These tools are also used on stones like diamonds.

Watch the video to learn about the process of burning.


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